About Yamaha WaveRunners

Want High-performance Excitement? Then get aboard a Yamaha!

First introduced in 1986, Yamaha WaveRunners have become synonymous with supreme agility, efficiency and reliability on the water. For ultimate performance, head-turning style and sheer out-and-out fun on the water, this year's WaveRunner line-up blasts ahead of the pack and leaves every other watercraft in its wake.

Yet again! Yamaha have revealed a brand new technical innovation, a refreshing piece of design thinking or an ingenious, user-friendly feature that'll leave you wanting to see more, to know more, to experience more - to get out there on your own WaveRunner.

Whether you finally choose a HIGH PERFORMANCE, RECREATION or SPORT model, one things for sure - you'll be riding the world's leading watercraft in its class. The one with more awards, trophies and ‘industry firsts behind it than any other -the one guaranteed to deliver your personal dream. And stir your emotions like never before. Non-stop, high-performance Enjoyment. only from Yamaha.

Yamaha introduces accessible sports runabouts to expand overall range

For 2014, Yamaha pushes the boundaries of performance with the introduction of the Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) engine, a one-of-a-kind, world-class engine that reflects over 50 years of Marine engine excellence and racing superiority. SVHO is quick, powerful and engineered to change the way you experience the water.
Yamaha WaveRunners offer more comfort, more luxury, more versatility and the best price-to-value ratio on the water.

Yamaha is serious about innovation. Serious about performance. Serious about reliability. And serious about bringing more fun to more riders than ever before. That's why Yamaha is the only choice for serious watercraft enthusiasts.

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